About the Logo

The Shield

The concept of the shield is twofold. One as the defender, the school provides teachings and foundations that will ensure that its pupils are set on the right moral, spiritual, psychological and mental paths early on. Second, as a symbol of recognition, the school labours hard to prepare it pupils to rise to the challenges they will face as young ones in their studies and in their day to day activities.

The Star

The star stands for Guidance and for Excellence. The school’s efforts are to provide guidance to the pupils and empower them to strive for excellence in all fields of life.

The Book

Education is a key component in the lives of the young. It is one of the many things that will equip its pupils for the future and for a life that is worth living.

The Cross

The Cross reflects the eternal love of Christ and of God for each one of us. And it is this same love that drives us and empowers us to serve and to care for our students.

The Praying Angels

The praying angels stand for the pupils who come to study at the pupils. The school understands that the pupils are innocent, naïve and almost angel like and it the intention of the school to continue to preserve, inculcate and strength the purity, sanctity, holiness and virtues of the pupils in a world that is corrupt and wicked.

The Crown of Leaf

The crown of myrtle leaves stands for purity, prosperity, victory and truth in many cultures and these are qualities that surround the teaching-learning process at this school.

The Ribbon

The ribbon with the words Knowledge, Love and Care form the foundation, the goals and the objectives of the school. The ribbon stands for recognition and victory. Knowledge, Love and Care are the three guiding principles of the school where students are given firm foundations that form the building blocks of Knowledge undergirded by love and care of the teachers and those who assist in the process.

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