Transport Facility

A school vehicle (Mahindra Supro) has been procured by the school.

First Aid

We have a First Aid box in the school to tend to minor scratches and scrapes as well as sudden illnesses.

Medical Camp

The Medical Checkup is conducted by the School once a year for all the students. The Checkup is carried by some well known children's specialist.

Toys & Teaching Aids

Toys and other entertainment items are provided by the school during game periods.

Note: Children's are not allowed to bring their own toys in school.


We have good Bathrooms in the school for the children as well as the staff.

We allow the children to use the bathroom when needed during class and work time.


We have proper canteen in the campus for the children. The canteen provides hand made food for the children which are healthy and hygienic.

Stationery Shop

Stationery shop in the campus sells all study materials required by the children of the school.
Photocopy machine, lamination, passport size photographs is made available.


Hostel for both boys and girls from nursery upto class XII is available.
Safe and caring Hostel.

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